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Our 2SLGBTQIA+ 101 workshop offers the foundations needed to work with 2SLGBTQIA+clients; the topics covered includes terminology basics (sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender presentation), pronouns, a breakdown of all the terms included in the 2SLGBTQIA+ acronym, best practices, practical tips, a discussion period, Q&A, and ensures that you and your staff have a basic level of knowledge that can be built upon and examined more deeply.


Our microaggressions workshop covers the different types of microaggressions that marginalized groups encounter: environmental, verbal, and behavioural. It examines the mechanisms in the brain that shape and reinforce microaggressions, ways to counteract them, and how to handle them when they occur around clients.


Implicit Bias

Our implicit bias workshop is still in development. It also examines the mechanisms in the brain and society that shape and reinforce these biases, how to challenge them in oneself and in the people around them. Topics covered include homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism, cisnormativity, and the ways these interact; it also takes a look at intersectionality, as these societal values and views are intrinsically connected to colonialism, imperialism, ableism, and racism.

Consultation & Coaching

In our consultation and coaching, we offer more specific and tailored solutions and suggestions to fit your business’s unique needs and concerns. We also offer course audits, that take a look at your course offerings with an eye towards making them more inclusive and removing anything that might be harmful or exclusive.

Inviting Inclusion

Inviting Inclusion will provide clients a mix of self-directed learning and twice monthly discussion groups, as well as individualized coaching for an additional fee. The program will cover foundational knowledge, examine the roots of why we have the societal values and beliefs that we do, coach a growth mindset when it comes to making change (both in the self, and on a broader level), help participants examine their own privileges, beliefs and biases, reflect on the bigger situational and geographic picture they exist in, create goals that connect to their values for their businesses that work towards greater inclusion and equity (short-term and long-term), troubleshoot those goals and how they are being implemented, how to continue learning beyond the scope of the program, and building yourself support as you do this work.


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