Welcome to The Reighbourhood!

We help people in helping professions create safer, more welcoming experiences for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks
We offer a variety of services to meet your needs.


We have workshops for wherever you are at in your learning journey.

Consultation & Coaching

Addressing your business's individual concerns around 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion, your processes, help you to make improvements

The words The Reighbourhood, with rainbow underlining and accents

Inviting Inclusion

A mix of self-directed learning, discussion groups, and coaching

The Benefits

Make it Easier for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks to work with you

Improving your processes and knowledge reduces the barriers 2SLGBTQIA+ folks face when working with helping professionals.

There's Bad news, but...

They’re depressing. 2SLGBTQIA+ folks are at higher risk of some mental health issues, more likely to develop chronic health conditions (and need your services!), and online hate crimes against 2SLGBTQIA+ rose between 2019-2021 in Canada. There is a clear and pressing needs to make changes and make things better.

A Few Hours Education Improves Outcomes

Studies show just a few hours of education in medical professions improved health outcomes for 2SLGBTQIA+ clients. It can improve yours too.


We get it, this work can be challenging. That’s why we’ve developed a puppet team to make this work more fun and approachable.

Our Values


Compassion and empathy are at the core of our work. Not only for the 2SLGBTQIA+ clients you work with, but for you. We create judgement-free experiences to help you learn, and grow. That also means making our content as approachable as possible – hence the puppets!

Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity

We value and prioritize equity, inclusion and accessibility. It’s deeply important to us that our work welcomes the people who want to work with us, and that our work is accessible. Please let us know your needs, we’ll do our best to meet them!


Your business is unique, and we recognize your needs and priorities will differ from other businesses. We will work with you to find solutions that work for your business. We specialize in creative problem-solving. Also, there are puppets.

Tikkun Olam 

Tikkun Olam is Hebrew, but it translates to ‘repairing the world.’ We strongly believe that it is our duty to work to make the world better. We also believe that we have the ability to make things better, even if it’s on a small scale. We can’t fix the world, but we have the power to make it better for the people around us.

On the Edge of Your Seat?

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