We make it easier for 2SLGBTQIA+ clients to work with you

Whether you’re worried about inadvertently harming your 2SLGBTQIA+ clients, or just want to improve your practices and processes for them, we’re here to help!

We offer workshops, consultation, and coaching to help you, your business, and your staff to make changes that make it easier for 2SLGBTQIA+ clients to work with you. Whether you want to know the basics, more about microaggressions, implicit bias, or help with a specific issue or question you have, we can help

Re Magil (they/them)

Founder, CEO, Everything else

Re (Ray) is Canadian, genderqueer, and living with disability. They founded The Reighbourhood to make things better for folks like them. They bring their extensive lived experience to this work, alongside their theatre background and customer service experience to create, lead, and everything else, really.

Pamplemousse (she/her)

Marketing Consultant

Pamplemousse is our newest hire. She hails from the Southern USA. She is our marketing expert, a delight to work with, and very fluffy. She is a proud trans woman, and passionate about improving processes and practices, along with Re. Please, call her Mousse!

Asparagus (he/him)

Managing Director

Asparagus hails from the UK. His cheerful disposition is a joy to work with, and his many years of experience in management helps The Reighbourhood run as smoothly as it does. Please, call him Gus!

Joe (they/them)

Content Developer

Joe is non-binary, and proud to be the first puppet Re hired to work at The Reighbourhood. They have extensive experience in content and course development, and truly, Re could not do this without them.

Farley (he/him)

Financial Analysis Consultant

Farley is our financial expert, and also happens to be an identical twin to Re’s dog, Fozzie. (Yes, dogs absolutely have identical twins. Please don’t look it up.)

Kugel (all pronouns)

Senior Project Manager

Kugel is a mystery.

The face of Re Magil. Re is non-binary, dresses androgynously, and wears glasses.

Re Magil (they/them)

Founder, CEO, Everything else

Re graduated with Honours from the University of Toronto and obtained an Honours Bachelor of the Arts, as well as a diploma in acting from Sheridan College. They are Queer and Non-Binary, as well as chronically ill and disabled. This has given them a wealth of lived experience as a person with intersecting marginalities that also has extensive experience with a wide variety of helping professions/service providers.

Re has integrity, accountability, and a growth mindset. Their lived experiences as part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, alongside other marginalities (disability, mental health issues, neurodivergence, chronic illness) has given them unique and extensive insight into the ways these marginalities fall through the cracks in the health and wellness world. Their theatre background, creativity, sense of humour, and use of puppets make difficult topics approachable, entertaining, and memorable. Re is exceptional at establishing rapport, and deeply empathetic, which will make challenging work approachable and allow clients to learn and grow in a judgement-free environment.

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